Sunday, 10 July 2016

Monday, 30 May 2016

after grünewald

May 26 – July 19, 2016
172 St Helens Avenue, Toronto ON, M6H 4A1


sink,wood,wax,polyester resin
plastic film roll,light bulb,cocking salt
500x655x310 cm

the heretic 

wood,polyester resin
250x18x46 cm

        the temptation of st. anthony

         wax,polyester resin,mattress,bone
       bed sheet,armchair
        107x125x320 cm

        after grünewald

       wax,polyester resin,wood
      500x310x550 cm

melaine chole

black dirt,plastic bug
265x252x320 cm


                     frames from meláine chole 
                              2016, Buenos Aires
                                video 06:16 min  
      Francesco Albano,Maria Laura Caccamo,Nicolas Grandi

Saturday, 20 February 2016

the possibility of an island

February 25 – March 19 2016
 Öktem&Aykut Gallery,

Since his 2013 show On the Eve that took place at Tophane-i Amire, Albano indicates that nothing happened that might help us keep our optimism regarding the future of the world. Yet, radical changes in his personal life force him to remain hopeful. The tremor caused by the very cleavage between the societal pessimism and his own esperance made his work more tense and turned his artistic language more assertive and stern.

The seven pieces of sculpture at Albano’s Öktem&Aykut show did materialize between 2009 and 2015. They make up a distinct selection reflecting Albano’s particular use of material and his imagery. Referring to Picasso’s Blue Period, his drawings made of blue ballpoint pens indicate the current abyss within the global social mood oscillating between despair and high hopes…

WHIRLPOOL  ,2014,wax, polyester resin, pillows, rope  37x∅115 cm

SHIPWRECK  ,2014,wax, polyester resin 70x105x201 cm

CASTAWAY ,2014-2016,wax, polyester resin, glass bowls, sand 25x251x212 cm                                                                                         

                                                  UNTITLED ,2016, ballpoint pen on plastic paper  42x61 cm       

                                                  UNTITLED 2015,ballpoint pen on plastic paper  29x42,5 cm 

                                   UNTITLED 2015 ,ballpoint pen on plastic paper  42,5x42,5 cm

                                     UNTITLED 2015,ballpoint pen on plastic paper  42,5x42,5 cm

                                   UNTITLED 2015,ballpoint pen on plastic paper  38x53 cm

UNTITLED 2016,ballpoint pen on plastic paper  43x43 cm

Saturday, 28 June 2014



Unconcealment is a short film about the calling of Francesco Albano. Filmed by Balamir Nazlica in the studio of Francesco Albano unconcealment is an attempt to see through the eyes of an artist and his mood in the moment of his artistic calling.

Directed by Balamir Nazlica
Music composed by Balamir Nazlica
Cinematography by Balamir Nazlica
Artwork: Francesco Albano
Location: Filmed May-June 2014/Istanbul